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Pursuit of Excellence Awards

Posted by Marci Peloquin, Senior HR Advisor on Nov 16, 2020 8:00:00 AM

In Culture, Corporate, People, Business, Community

The Pursuit of Excellence Awards recognize the many outstanding people and contributions at Bison Transport throughout the year: Darren Cosentino S.T.A.R. Award, Driving Change Award, Helping Hands Award. These Awards will be presented in a Bison virtual event on January 27, 2021.

The Pursuit of Excellence Awards is a form of employee recognition that is different than our Charging Ahead program. Charging Ahead recipients are recognized for a specific single event; however, the Pursuit of Excellence Awards recognize individuals and groups that exemplify outstanding characteristics over an extended period of time.

A nominee should meet or exceed the overall criteria; however, a specific criterion that isn't met doesn't mean that you should not nominate that colleague. If you feel your colleague exemplifies the criteria and is deserving of one of these awards, we encourage you to nominate that special person!

Do you know a group, individual, or a team that is Driving Change within our Business by creating a business concept that is new or unique or that has applied innovative improvements to existing processes, products or services?

Do you know an individual(s) that is always lending a Helping Hand by demonstrating community spirit, social responsibility and selflessness through volunteerism both internally and externally?

Do you know an individual that is a Darren Cosentino S.T.A.R.? Someone who in their position has excelled in the areas of service, teamwork, action and resourcefulness?

Visit the Pursuit of Excellence page under the Corporate tab on The Herd to get further information on:

  • last year’s award winners
  • details on the criteria for each award
  • to make a nomination
  • the deadline to make a nomination
  • the date of the Pursuit of Excellence presentation

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