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President and CEO's Message

Posted by Rob Penner, President & CEO on May 1, 2020 9:20:00 AM

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Rob Penner, President and CEO

Rob Penner_SquareFirst and foremost I want to thank each of you, including our customers and carrier partners for the great work you are doing to keep North America supplied with the essentials. While most industries are being asked to stay home, you are being called on to keep the supply lines moving. Two weeks ago, the situation we are operating in today was unimaginable to us. Today, without you, it would also be unbearable... Thanks for your calm courage and your continued willingness to step up and do
what needs to be done!

To our Bison Family including those at Searcy, Britton and H.O. Wolding I am truly proud of you. Together we have built a very diverse business that operates in many different business segments and serves many business verticals. Today while many find themselves with few or no opportunities to work, we have the great fortune of having not just work, but meaningful work in front of us. And what’s really cool about our team is your strength of spirit and your resolve to be there on behalf of each other and the greater public good. The way that you have chosen to face these challenges is quite simply awe inspiring! You are awesome and I thank you! 

Being a privately held company, we have always been conservative and have set this business up to weather the harshest of economic storms. We have made and continue to make substantial investments in people, technology, tools, systems to ensure that our people are prepared and can deliver on behalf of our customers no matter what. There has been no greater test than the one we are faced with today and we are performing extremely well. We are getting the job done thanks to our great technology and business improvement teams, who have come together and worked tirelessly to help create this remote environment that we can all thrive in. Truly grateful!

A special thank you to the families of all who work here for the support and understanding that you provide during these stressful times. We have no idea how long we will be in this COVID-19 environment, but we do know without your support it would be impossible for your loved ones to do the important work they are doing. On behalf of all Canadians, thank you for helping us to deliver on our promise!