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Drivers of the Month - March 2020

Posted by Lynette Grant, Safety and Compliance Team Lead on May 1, 2020 12:36:06 PM

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Congratulations to our Drivers of the Month for March, 2020. The Drivers of the Month are awarded a $250 VISA Gift Card and are now eligible to win the prestigious Driver of the Year award which earns bragging rights and $2,500 cash. Winners are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Service Failures
  • Customer Service
  • Utilization
  • Safety Record
  • OneBison Mindset
  • Remained Current on OMMR's (Owner Operator's only)
  • Compliance Inspections (Owner Operator's only)



Igor Tsygankov


Igor achieved 2 million safe miles in March. Starting with Bison in 2011, Igor has become a dependable and reliable Driver that Bison can lean on to provide a positive customer experience with every delivery. We can't wait to see him reach another million miles... or three!


Ibrahim Hrncic


Ibrahim was cautious to continue Driving through the COVID-19 pandemic. Him and his family discussed the situation and agreed that he should continue working as he was supplying his community and country with essential goods during a time of uncertainly and unknowns. To ensure safety he left his co-pilot, Maple (dog), behind with his family so he can continue working and would return to his family once things settled down. This is a reflection on Ibrahim and his dedication to his career and family.


Ranpreet Shokar


Ranpreet is on track to be the highest miler on the ABT1 fleet for March. Throughout this tough month when a lot of drivers are taking time off or trying to avoid customers, he has worked an extra shift almost every week helping cover several different lanes wherever we need the help to service customers. He even helped out in Saskatoon to do a city delivery to Walmart when SK planning was running low on Driver power, setting himself back a couple hours to get back home. 

March Nominees:

  • Gaurav Vaid
  • Denis Leedahl
  • Sudhagar Singh
  • Rajasekar Kavanur Rajendran
  • Jeffrey Shen
  • Jasmeet Singh Kharyal
  • Brian Durkee
  • Maninder Sandhu
  • Carl Gauthier
  • Stephen Klassen


Want to nominate a Driver for next month?