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Drivers of the Month - April

Posted by Lynette Grant, Safety and Compliance Team Lead on May 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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Congratulations to our Drivers of the Month for April, 2020. The Drivers of the Month are awarded a $250 VISA Gift Card and are now eligible to win the prestigious Driver of the Year award which earns bragging rights and $2,500 cash. Winners are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Service Failures
  • Customer Service
  • Utilization
  • Safety Record
  • OneBison Mindset
  • Remained Current on OMMR's (Owner Operator's only)
  • Compliance Inspections (Owner Operator's only)DOM_Logo


Rej Beaudoin


Rejean is a prime example of how hard our front liners are working. He has never refused an assignment and goes above and beyond to ensure the freight is delivered, he is safe and the people around him are safe. Thank you Rejean for comtinuing to help keep our economy running, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.


Jason Hrycyk


Jason is always willing to take on extra work, he is the first one standing in line if there is extra that needs to be done. He is observant on the road and always advises if he sees a need or opportunity to better service our customers. He is courteous to his fellow Drivers and his fleet. His level of service and dedication to the customers and Bison is a direct reflection of Bison’s service culture.



Terry Griffith


Terry is a PacNW Driver. During current circumstances, our freight volumes to CA were heavy. We asked Terry if he would be okay running into CA to help with freight. He was willing to help where we needed it. CA may seem like longer miles but Drivers on PACNW schedule do get premiums for running in those regions. During one of his trips to CA, one of our customer IKEA cancelled 7 shipments, leaving a few Drivers without reloads including Terry. He was very understanding and patient about reload which was appreciated during this stressful time. It’s nice to see a Driver help out in areas that are out of schedule in times of need. 

April Nominees:

  • Maik Bluhm

  • Marco Ricci

  • Thomas Messner

  • Oleg Oudalov

  • Bruce Kaplar

  • Caitlyn Betcher

  • Jai Singh Sidhu

  • Navjot Singh

  • James Clelland

  • Deepinder Kaler


Want to nominate a Driver for next month?