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Charging Ahead Finalists

Posted by Marci Peloquin, Senior HR Advisor on Jun 1, 2022 7:00:00 AM

In Culture, Safety, Drivers, People


April 2022 Charging Ahead

David Bartusek, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success

BARD07In Kelowna city, we had a situation where we were left with a lot of work and only one city Driver for the next morning. There was no ability to cover the loads with highways Drivers and, no city Drivers were able to work extra. After reaching out, Dave agreed to come in a night early to sleep in the truck so he could start early enough to cover a days’ worth of city work, rescuing several loads in the process. This was despite living a couple hours away and requesting for him to start significantly ahead of his start time. This was a great display of One Bison attitude. Thank you, Dave!


Ernest Heft, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Sustainability, Success

HEFE01Ernie has always had a great One Bison attitude and this instance was no exception of that. One afternoon, he was driving through the rear Regina overflow yard when he noticed a trailer that appeared to be sinking in the soft yard. The dolly pads the Driver had used were not quite under the legs and the trailer was slowly sinking. Ernie quickly released his air and was able to lower his truck and get under the trailer to place the pads properly beneath the dolly legs to rescue it. Ernie has done this several times in the Regina yard including two other instances in April where he rescued sinking trailers where no dolly pads were used. It has also been observed, in the winter, where he spent some time to move and put away a dozen trailers spread throughout the rest of the Regina yard.

Back in February, Ernie took it upon himself to shovel snow away from the back-office steps area. He then noticed the office crawl space door was left wide open and, without hesitation, went and fixed it. He came into the office, grabbed a drill and, went outside and fastened close the crawl space door. Very little said, he simply did it as it needed to be done.

Ernie often does little things like this around the yard and often goes unnoticed. His willingness to address these concerns are appreciated and a great display of going above and beyond on many occasions. Thank you for your hard work, willingness and dedication to truly fostering the One Bison mindset Ernie!

Congratulations to all of our April “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Holly Reuther, Student
  • Kayla Gonzalez, Planner
  • Jugraj Dhaliwal, Owner-Operator
  • Paige Klose, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Ruby Punia, Senior Account Manager
  • Chamkaur Saroya, Owner-Operator
  • Patricia Henniger, LTL Coordinator
  • Sean O'Callaghan, Safety Counselor
  • Kajal Sharma, LTL Customer Service Assistant
  • Daniel Funk, Shunt Coordinator
  • Viacheslav Pronin, Owner-Operator

March 2022 Charging Ahead

Larry Williams, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service, Sustainability, Success


While travelling west out of Saskatoon, Larry observed a vehicle passing him, then fishtail into the ditch and turn over several times. Larry immediately brought his truck to a controlled stop and offered assistance in the form of a sleeping bag and blankets. He also contacted emergency services and stayed on scene until the ambulance and police arrived. Larry’s actions were selfless and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Larry!



Ronald Sabiston, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


Ronald was driving in poor weather and had noticed multiple accidents en route. He saw a couple struggling with their vehicle on the side of the road. He came to a safe stop and then helped the couple safely get out of their truck and camper. He waited until first responders arrived before he continued on his way. We greatly appreciate drivers like Ronald, who go the extra mile to help others.



Jason Snider, Maintenance Assistant

Core Values: Safety, Service


Jason noticed a small fire burning in a garbage can while dropping off a unit in Yard 7. The fire spread and started a grass fire along the east fence near several Bison tractors. Without hesitating, Jason flagged down a colleague from property services. They immediately jumped into action grabbing a fire extinguisher from a truck and attacking the blaze. He worked alongside several others and applied water, fire extinguishing materials and gravel to stop the spread. His actions helped prevent the fire from spreading and causing damage to our tractors and property. Thanks for your quick thinking and actions that day, Jason!


Gray Deda, Property Services Assistant

Core Values: Safety, Service


Gray was in Yard 7 when he became aware of a grass fire that had started along our east fence near some Bison tractors. He immediately jumped into action with fire extinguishers, trying to contain the quickly-spreading fire. He then continued to put out the fire with our pressure washer until it was fully extinguished. Thanks for your quick thinking and actions that day, Gray!



Jagdeep Barn, Company Shunt Driver

Core Values: Safety, Service


Jagdeep helped manage and extinguish a grass fire at Yard 7 near some Bison tractors. He went to find fire extinguishers and buckets to help attack the fire until it was under control. Without hesitation Jagdeep involved himself as part of a collective effort to extinguish the blaze along with Jason and Gray. Thanks for your quick thinking and actions that day, Jagdeep!



Congratulations to all of our March “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • John Thiessen, Company Driver
  • Inza Bazzarelli,  Maintenance Coordinator
  • Brad Findlay, LTL Coordinator
  • Harjit Dhillon, Owner-Operator
  • Amrik Sandhu, Company Driver
  • Robert Melvin, Supervisor, Technical Analytics
  • Gurwinder Singh, Company Driver
  • Kevin Penny, Yard Supervisor
  • David Willkie, Company Driver
  • Shamsher Gill, Owner-Operator
  • Sunny Randhawa, Company Driver
  • Amanda Kodelja, Regional Planner BC
  • Shekh Sohail, Owner-Operator
  • Irfan Kolar, Owner-Operator
  • Jill Oicle, Customer Service Representative
  • Guy Lacasse, Company Driver
  • Luis Castro Felix , Company Driver
  • Jenna Rodgers, Invoicing Supervisor

February 2022 Charging Ahead

Joel Vitales, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


Joel stayed out an extra night to help cover a grocery load with deliveries in Edmonton and Whitecourt. On his way north, he feared he would not have enough hours to make it on time. A part-time Driver in Edmonton agreed to take over the load from there, and carry on to Whitecourt. Closer to the planned switch time, the part-time Driver advised that his truck seemed to have a mechanical problem. Joel agreed to swap trucks so that the Driver could carry on to Whitecourt, and complete the delivery on time, while Joel took the truck having issues to the shop. This resulted in us being able to service a very important customer on time. Thank you Joel!


Barry Taylor, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety


Barry was comfortably waiting in his bunk outside a customer location for his load. He got out to investigate a loud bang he heard and realized there had been a head-on collision on the street just outside his truck. He assisted with diverting traffic and helping the drivers get safely out of their vehicles. His efforts were greatly appreciated by the people involved. Great job Barry!



Iveson Snider, Mobile Technician

Core Values: Service


Iveson was driving from Yard 7 over to a customer yard to repair a trailer. While on the way, he noticed an elderly lady in her small car had pulled over on the side of a busy Calgary road. She looked like she needed help, so he pulled over to ask her if she was okay. She pointed out a flat tire on her car and explained that she hadn’t been able to get ahold of anyone to help her. Without hesitation, he immediately offered to put her spare tire on, so she could safely get to a tire shop. The temperatures were frigid that day and the lady was extremely grateful for his complete act of selflessness. Thank you Ivey!


Donald Andersen, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit


Don arrived to the yard at 04:30am and immediately noticed his truck had a flat tire. He called breakdown and dispatch right away. He was advised to wait for his unit to be repaired as there were no other units available. He was then advised by the tire technician that it would be at least a two hour wait. Since Don is responsible for completing yard checks every morning for a highly valued customer, he immediately took it upon himself to complete the required yard check in his own personal vehicle instead. This was a 50 km round trip from the yard and nobody knew this occurred until 12 hours later. This is a great example of how we are all One Bison, and his actions are truly appreciated.


Karl Scholl, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit


One December morning, Karl was traveling near Moyie, British Columbia when he noticed other drivers flashing their lights at him, probably signaling that there may be a hazard up ahead. “The roads were in poor condition from ice and snow,” he recalled. “As I crested a hill, I saw a black pickup with a 12-foot U-Haul trailer in the ditch.” A couple was standing on the narrow shoulder. They had lost control on black ice and their truck had crossed the center line and landed in the ditch at an angle. After some difficulty, they had managed to climb out and make their way up to the road.  Karl had slowed as he approached the scene, and was able to position his truck and trailer as a barricade to prevent other drivers from sliding into the motorists. “I put on my safety vest and jumped out to check on the couple,” he said.

Shaken and scared, the couple told Karl that they were okay, and had already called for a tow truck. Karl invited them and their two border collies to wait in his truck, and assured them everything would be okay. He then set up traffic cones behind his truck to alert other drivers. He also began directing traffic in both directions to prevent the scene from becoming worse. Once the RCMP had arrived on scene, they allowed Karl to continue to direct traffic. He stayed on scene for two hours until the couple’s pickup and the U-Haul trailer were eventually pulled from the ditch. “I’m really glad that everyone stayed safe that day,” Karl shared.

In a letter to Bison, the couple Karl helped stated “Not only did Karl help us on this very unpredictable and frightening morning, but he restored faith in our hearts that human kindness and caring goes a long way on a very cold December morning. Thanks to Karl we have learned to pay it forward and we will always stop to lend a hand to those on the road in need. Thank you, Karl we are forever grateful.”

Congratulations to all of our February “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • James Robert Cruden, Night Operations
  • Bryan McCaughan, Company Driver
  • Kevin Gothard, Company Driver
  • Ernest Heft, Company Driver
  • Syver Flexhaug, Company Driver
  • Hartej Singh, Company Driver
  • Michael Roberts, Company Driver
  • Jocelyn Roy, Planner
  • Amrik Sandhu, Shunter
  • Jaspal Powar, Owner-Operator
  • Arshdeep Singh Sekhon, Owner-Operator

January 2022 Charging Ahead

Oleg Pogrebnoi, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit, Service

POGO01Submitted by Jody Doncaster: I was trying to head out on my New Year’s run and my trailer was buried in the second row. I pulled out one trailer and shifted another over but it was still pretty tight. Oleg was driving by and offered to spot for me. We quickly saw it was too tight so he found and pulled out the troublesome trailer and re-parked it. When he returned to check on me, he saw I had to move an old bar lever to get California legal weights. He stayed and helped with that too. I am so grateful he stopped and took the time to help me get on my way. This happened when he was finished with his load and headed home for his time off he booked for New Years. Oleg is a great team player!


Sohan Singh Toor, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service

TOOS03Submitted by Joseph David: Driving home late Saturday evening on a foggy winter night down Sherwin road I saw a patch of ice up ahead. To my surprise, I drove into a bed of water. There were no signs up warning of the hazard coming up. My vehicle got stuck on a ridge of ice on the under carriage and my front wheels were spinning. I was stranded there until I could call for assistance. Luckily, Sohan was driving toward the area and saw my car with my 4-way hazard signals on. He stopped and assisted me. If he hadn't, I would have been stranded there in freezing weather in that water until help came. I am very thankful for Sohan's gesture and for being there to help out a stranded driver. I’ve never had an incident like that in my 23 years working at Bison. I am so happy Sohan was there for me and getting me out of that situation. I am very proud to have an outstanding Driver like this on our team.


Upul Dissanayake, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit

DISU01Upul noticed that a fellow Bison Driver was having difficulty with putting on his chains in Northern California. He stopped and assisted the Driver to ensure he was safe to start driving. After helping, the two Drivers traveled together though Northern California into Washington during a very bad storm. Great team work Upal!



Nathan Pitzel, Planner

Core Values: Safety, Service, Success

PITNSubmitted by Paula Napier: We have a lot of trailers at our shop in Des Moines, IA that are needing service, and safety inspections. We have also been faced with more breakdowns due to poor weather conditions, and have been unable to get mobile service to the yard. On January 26, we dedicated a Driver to take our units to truck stops to try and complete a few safety inspections. It turned out only one shop in the area was capable to do this. After finding out it was a 3 hour wait to get into the shop, Nathan called the shop himself. He was able to get us a bay that we could drop the trailer into and have the driver shuttle units back and forth. The result was being able to get 6 units completed in 24 hours. This would not have been done without his assistance.

A further comment from Jodie Patterson: Nathan has sourced out repair shops in the area and coordinated unit pick up and drop offs to support our Maintenance team. This has reduced down time of units and relieved some pressure off our OMC team. Nathan’s quick response has supported fast turnaround of multiple units. He has also added a valuable resource to our vendor pool in the Des Moines area.

Congratulations to all of our January “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Oleg Pogrebnoi, Owner-Operator
  • Birgit Tuckwood, Driver Services Representative
  • Upul Dissanayake, Owner-Operator
  • Mallory McLeod, Student
  • Sukhbir Singh Grewal, Company Driver
  • Sohan Singh Toor, Company Driver
  • Amrinder Singh, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Sara Khan, Planner
  • Jerzy Zydek, Company Driver
  • Nathan Pitzel, Planner
  • Bailey Pigeau, Benefits Coordinator
  • Amanda Lamoureux, Fleet Manager
  • Erin Gair, Logistics Leadership Trainee
  • Christy Magnus, Mexico Operations Coordinator

December Charging Ahead

Travis Popoff, Mobile Technician

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service


Submitted by Evan Pillipow on the Bison Facebook group page: Shout out to Travis Popoff (mobile mechanic) in the Saskatoon yard. As Travis was walking around doing checks, he carried a rag with him and cleaned all the lights and reflectors on the trailers staged in the LCV area. Greatly appreciated and going above and beyond. Would also like to say thanks to Travis for keeping us going. He’s a great value to all Drivers coming and going from the Saskatoon yard! I was having a bad day, but seeing Travis doing extra work that’s not required of him got me out of my funk, and put me in a better mood for the rest of the day. He’s always willing to help out when you flag him down with an issue.

A further comment from Merle Wickstrand on the Bison Facebook group page notes that he has seen Travis in the yard routinely cleaning up garbage, emptying office trash bins, and other similar acts quietly and outside his normal job requirements. Travis is deserving of a "Way to Go" shout out.


Gregory Vandal, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service


Submitted by motorist Manny Jimenez: This time of the year I spend time reflecting on what I am most grateful for, and Saturday, December 18, 2021, will forever resonate for me and my family. I was driving cross-country from New York to Calgary to spend the holidays with my family, and to attend a family wedding. I pulled over because smoke was filling the cabin of my car. On the road behind me, Greg Vandal, who was driving his usual route to Calgary also pulled over because he could see a fire had ignited on the underside of my car. He called 911 and ran to my car with a fire extinguisher. By then I also saw the fire and was able to get out. The fire was quickly spreading and getting so big that the extinguisher was of no use. I asked Greg to use it to break the window so I could grab my bag and personal belongings. Then Greg kindly offered me shelter in his cab as the temperature outside was -20 degrees. Greg overheard my conversation with the police that I was headed to Calgary and reached out to the Bison office to see if they would authorize a ride-along passenger. Not only was Greg able to safely deliver me to my god-daughter's wedding, he became a guest of honor. In a moment, Greg decided to help a total stranger and potentially put his own safety at risk. His act of selflessness and spirit of goodness personifies what it is to be a hero and for that my family and I are incredibly grateful.


Mykola Pozdnyakov, Owner-Operator

Olga Pozdniakova, Owner-Operator Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit


A Bison Driver’s tractor broke down in Swift Current on December 26. Mykola and Olga stopped and assisted this Driver in changing his fuel filter and other items to get his tractor going. They also invited the Driver into their tractor to stay warm. Unfortunately, they could not keep the tractor running and it needed to be towed to Regina. Once in Regina, they gave the Driver a ride from the Volvo dealership to the airport to pick up a rental car. Mykola and Olga also followed up with the dealership afterwards to ensure the Drivers tractor was getting serviced.


Congratulations to all of our December “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Jerzy Zydek, Company Driver
  • Gregory Vandal, Company Driver
  • Cheryl Ogilvie, Maintenance Equipment Coordinator
  • Chris Desnouck, Tractor Technician Team Lead
  • Gurneet Bhatti, Customer Service Assistant
  • Brent Leier, Company Driver
  • Mykola Pozdnyakov, Owner-Operator
  • Olga Pozdniakova, Owner-Operator Driver
  • Travis Popoff, Mobile Technician
  • Harmandeep Kharoud, Company Driver
  • Michael Neufeld, Over the Road CSR - Outsourced
  • Mitchel Topnik, Wash Bay Attendant
  • Lucas Sigurdur, Equipment Readiness Support

November Charging Ahead

Douglas Newbury, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


Doug is an outstanding member of the Bison team in the west, and deserves to be recognized on many levels for his countless accomplishments in keeping our network running smoothly at night. He runs hard, and is always open to adjustments, like picking up from customers directly if the city fleet falls behind. He is happy to help out Bison in a pinch after he finishes his runs. He is patient with his dispatch team, and offers solutions that enable dispatch to help him execute. Recently, he was clear in Kamloops and before heading back to the yard he asked if anyone needed a recovery. Operations was able to recover on a load thanks to his checking in. In fact, he has rescued no less than 10 deliveries in the past 2 months. In another example deserving of recognition, with the current highway detour via Radium, we've been experiencing delays into the interior on our multi-stop runs. During the past month, Doug has come to the rescue to cover off numerous deliveries after completing his own run. Doug is known to be a pleasure to work with, helping provide our customers with uninterrupted services during these challenging times.


Ajay Muhaar, LTL Coordinator

Core Values: Service


Recently, for the charitable “Samaritan’s Purse” project, Bison needed a Driver to cover a pick-up at a church in Oshawa, as there were already youth volunteers waiting on site to load all the donations, and failure was not an option. At the last minute, operations had discovered that they would not be able to send a Driver and the required equipment during the requested time window. Without any hesitation, Ajay jumped in to help, even though it was already past his work hours. He really went out of his way, calling over 50 carriers just to find a rescue option. Ajay was able to find someone to partially cover the load and he didn’t stop there. He showed genuine care and concern, knowing how important this project was, not just to the customers, but to all the children and families who would benefit from this project. He continued calling carriers until he was able to get someone to cover the remaining part of the load, and ended up working in the office until almost three hours past his scheduled shift. This is certainly a well-deserved recognition for an individual who's care and commitment goes way beyond what's expected. A true Samaritan in every sense. Thank you, Ajay!


Shannon Holicza, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit


Shannon recently helped another Driver along highway 93, who had slid into the ditch and had no cell service to call for help. She stopped and sent in a message advising her fleet team. She also helped direct traffic around the tractor and trailer, to prevent other traffic from colliding with our units. Shannon stayed with the other Driver until a tow truck arrived to assist them. Her selfless actions serve as an example to all and we thank her for her efforts.



Congratulations to all of our November “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Glen Murray, Company Driver
  • Inderjit Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Navpreet Dhillon, Owner-Operator
  • Andrew Hozempa, Company Driver
  • Maninderjit Johal, Company Driver
  • Mandeep Saini, Owner-Operator
  • Prabh Sharan Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Marcia Oribe, Credit Coordinator
  • Chichi Dela Rosa, Account Representative
  • Ryan Phillips, Tractor Technician
  • Sara Khan, Planner
  • Jonathan Penner, Scheduler
  • Zoe Fontaine, Customer Service Assistant
  • Shannon Holicza, Company Driver
  • Chantal Criggar, Operations Trainer
  • Heather Michie, Customer Service Assistant
  • Gurbhej Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Peter Bibby, Company Driver
  • Lijun Yang, Owner-Operator
  • Ajay Muhaar, LTL Coordinator
  • Ruby Brar, Senior Account Manager
  • Douglas Newbury, Company Driver
  • Customs Department,
  • Inusha Wijetillake, Software Developer
  • Dawn James, Implementation Specialist
  • Albert Nicholet, Owner-Operator
  • Nigel Dillon, Owner-Operator
  • Jerin Dobson, Company Driver
  • Kirstyn Moran, Company Driver
  • Ryan Anderson, Senior Business Analyst

October Charging Ahead

Congratulations to all of our October “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Kayla Gonzalez, Planner
  • Alicia Depue, Team Lead, Langley City Operations
  • Froi Javier, LTL Coordinator
  • Merle Wickstrand, Company Driver
  • Mustafa Alkhaleli, Forklift Operator

September Charging Ahead

Chad Hagen, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


Chad was asked to help with 3 very special deliveries and pickups for a 3-day VIP event in Winnipeg. Not only was he willing to help, he immediately understood the importance of the event. Chad took it upon himself to make sure that the details were looked after, and that any necessary items required were available. He ensured that the trailer was properly prepared for each delivery, having the trailer washed and carefully securing each load. He arrived early for each delivery and represented Bison with courtesy and professionalism at all times. His personal involvement was a key factor contributing to the success of this event. Chad’s attitude and professionalism was noticed by many, including event staff. Thank you Chad, for Charging Ahead!


Vagif Safarov, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


Recently, Vagif was asked to help with a priority load for a new customer in Delaware. We are pleased to report that Vagif came through for Bison and our customer with flying colours. As a primarily-Midwest U.S. Driver, Vagif had already been planned and confirmed to deliver in Chicago, when circumstances required us to find someone to cover the priority Delaware load at the very last minute. We knew the timing might be tight for Vagif. It was 530 miles down the Eastern seaboard to a state he'd never been to before, and on highways he had no knowledge of. He had also already used his allowable driving hours for the day, so had a well-deserved sleep before leaving in the morning. Vagif hoped to make it there in one driving shift, delivering by 18:00. That Friday, he naturally worried about not being able to make it on time, and then possibly having to wait all weekend to deliver. With a little reassurance and a lot of sheer willpower, Vagif not only agreed to try, he drove cautiously and consistently, and made it on time successfully! Bison is proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and getting the job done. He trusted in himself and his team and together we made a customer happy! Thank you, Vagif, for Charging Ahead!

Congratulations to all of our September “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Fan Gao, Web Developer
  • Chad Hagen, Company Driver
  • Justin Paul, Owner-Operator
  • Laura Olmstead, Senior Business Analyst
  • Kewal Kabo, Owner-Operator
  • Melissa Kortt, Western Trailer Specialist
  • Camelia Kozier, Senior Customs Administrator
  • Maninderjit Johal, Senior Logistics Coordinator
  • Wasi Haider, Logistics Coordinator
  • Brooke St. Jacques, Refrigerated Specialist
  • Jennie Thai, Customer Service Representative
  • Fan Zhang, Owner-Operator
  • Dany Levesque, Company Driver
  • Vagif Safarov, Company Driver
  • Jordan Cairns, Customs Specialist

August Charging Ahead

Congratulations to all of our August “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Raman Kaur, Carrier Development Representative
  • Jordan Cairns, Customs Specialist
  • Lana Levin, LTL Coordinator
  • Geoffrey Chadwick, Company Driver
  • Mike Clermont, Fleet Manager
  • Jeff Figueroa, Fleet Manager
  • Jackson McElmoyle, Student
  • Jainik Shah, Customer Service Assistant
  • Adam Janke, Systems Analyst
  • Fouzan Khan, Logistics Coordinator
  • Inusha Wijetillake, Software Developer
  • Fan Gao, Web Developer
  • Trevor Dola, Software Developer
  • Charmy Gandhi, Web Developer
  • Trevor Dunsford, Senior Software Developer

July Charging Ahead

Congratulations to all of our July “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Dennis Pratt, Mobile Technician
  • Irene Dutra, Accounts Payable Team Lead
  • Sandy Burt, Senior Manager, Pacific Region
  • Samantha Burrage, Student, Continuous Improvement
  • Eugene Fuhro, Custodial Engineer
  • Jonathan Penner, Scheduler

June Charging Ahead

Congratulations to all of our June “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Vick Ramoowalia, Company Driver
  • Shiva Shiva, Company Driver
  • Wasi Haider, Logistics Coordinator
  • Maninderjit Johal, Senior Logistics Coordinator
  • Fouzie Zeid, Night Operations
  • Patricia Henniger, LTL Coordinator
  • Upjinder Singh Sekhon, Owner-Operator
  • Raul Mares, Mobile Apprentice
  • Betania Simancas, Student
  • Rana Kashif Qamar, Company Driver
  • Gordon Taylor, Logistics Coordinator
  • Vikas Chand, Logistics Coordinator
  • Kevin Lai, Logistics Assistant

May Charging Ahead Finalists

Ahmed Ali, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service


Jody Doncaster: “During my second trip with Bison, I was waiting for a mobile repair of a flat tire on my trailer. I was safely off the road when I noticed another Bison truck coming up the hill behind me with his 4-way hazard flashers on, and they were slowing down. It was Ahmed Ali who pulled up to see if I was OK or in need. I explained I had lots of support and had just spoken with the repair technician, who was on his way. Expecting him to pull away, I was surprised when he also offered food, water, or anything else I might need to make my wait more comfortable. In my 18 years of driving, rarely has another driver even stopped! After my repair, I realized I did not get his truck number, so I called dispatch and asked who was in my vicinity at that time. I then called and thanked Ahmed for his kindness, and he replied with “we are all family here at Bison, and I didn’t know how long you would be waiting and didn’t want you to be in need.” What a great team attitude and a wonderful welcome for a new Bison Driver!”


Paige KloseMaintenance Coordinator

Core Values: Service


Jeremy Gough: “On Thursday May 6, 2021, one of our trucks was involved in an accident near our Calgary location. Paige was at the end of her 12-hour shift, and the second shift Maintenance Coordinator was scheduled off this day, and I was at the accident scene. Paige went above and beyond to support during this accident; we spoke on the phone and she had inquired about the Drivers’ safety, did we need help getting them back to our office, etc. She had determined the trailer was loaded and wanted to know about the damage so she could set up a bay to have it repaired with a goal to make delivery. She communicated effectively to the towing team to ensure they knew the next steps for the equipment. Paige stepped up and owned the opportunity to ensure we were set up for success. I was then delayed at the scene so she personally came to pick up the Drivers. When she saw the Drivers, first thing she said was “I am glad you are all OK.” Her compassion and dedication to our team was noted and appreciated. Thank you, Paige.”


Kenichi Tanisaki, DFP Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service, Sustainability, Success


Ashley Doherty: “Ken was working with his trainer on their way back to our Langley yard when he noticed his trainer was in distress and not acting normal. He immediately called in to our night team to express his concerns, and they aided him in returning to the terminal and seeking attention for his trainer. As a result, both Ken and the trainer remained safe and we were able to seek additional help and care for his colleague. Thank you, Ken!”



Congratulations to all of our May “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Ahmed Ali, Owner-Operator
  • Joshua Pries, Systems Analyst
  • Raj Kavanur, Night Operations
  • Paige Klose, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Maninder Manj, Planner
  • Vikram Chouhan, City Fleet Generalist
  • Alicia Depue, Team Lead, Langley City Operations
  • Caitlin Scheffel-Zhao, LTL Coordinator
  • Jennie Thai, Customer Service Representative
  • Scott Drader, Company Driver
  • Kenichi Tanisaki, Company Driver
  • Bailey Pigeau, Benefits & Disability Coordinator
  • Rae Lauer, Customer Service Representative
  • Vick Ramoowalia, Company Driver

April Charging Ahead Finalists

Gurjeet Bal, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success, Sustainability, Safety


On Sunday April 4, 2021, a vehicle had broken down on the Coquihalla. Gurjeet saw that the driver was having issues and stopped to see if he could assist. Gurjeet helped the driver figure out what the issue with their truck was, grabbed his tools and extra coolant, and aided his fellow colleague in repairing their truck on the side of the road. He went out of his way to help another driver to ensure he wasn't stopped in an unsafe place and kept the load moving on time.


Naresh Kumar, Owner-Operator Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


One of our other Drivers was in the Regina Yard disconnecting their LCV set. Due to a storm that had occurred, It was quite muddy and slick. As a result, the other Driver lost their footing and fell hard, sustaining a minor injury. Unfortunately, they were also covered from head to toe in mud. Naresh was in the yard and attended to assist. He also finished disconnecting the other Driver’s LCV set, and put the units away. The other Driver was very appreciative of Naresh’s help.


Jasvir Singh Uppal, Owner-Operator Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success

UPPJ01One of our other Drivers was in the Regina Yard disconnecting their LCV set. Due to a storm that had occurred, It was quite muddy and slick. As a result, the other Driver lost their footing and fell hard, sustaining a minor injury. Unfortunately, they were also covered from head to toe in mud. Jasvir was in the yard and attended to assist. He also finished disconnecting the other Driver’s LCV set, and put the units away. The other Driver was very appreciative of Jasvir's help.


Adam McMartin, Company Driver and Saskatoon Yard Supervisor

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service

Adam McMartin

On April 23, 2021, a trailer in our Saskatoon yard leaked a dangerous goods product. Adam was excellent in working with the customer to have this issue addressed. He set up the trailer to which the product would be transferred, and worked with our customer. Adam returned the following day, on his scheduled day off, to look at the new trailer and to ensure that it would ride safe. Adam continues to do a fantastic job looking after our interests in Saskatoon.


Congratulations to all of our April “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Gurjeet Bal, Owner-Operator
  • Shannon Holicza, Company Driver
  • Alana Van der Leer, Fleet Manager
  • Harinder Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Haidar Salim, CSR Regional Planner
  • Emily Powell, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Kennedy Anozie, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Kevin Wipf, Company Driver
  • Francesca Zumpano, LTL Customer Service Representative
  • Naresh Kumar, Owner-Operator Driver
  • Jasvir Singh Uppal, Owner-Operator Driver
  • Lashman Singh Choong, Owner-Operator
  • Lance Mancheese, Company Driver
  • Francis Page, Property Services Assistant
  • George Flynn, Tractor Technician
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver and Saskatoon Yard Supervisor

March Charging Ahead Finalists

Ulric Blatter, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success


On March 4, 2021, Ulric was at a fuel stop in Napanee, ON., where he assisted in de-icing a Searcy Driver’s step deck trailer. This expedited getting the Searcy Driver moving, and also saved the costs of a service call. Ulric went above and beyond the normal call of duty to assist another fellow Driver on the road. These sentiments were echoed by a member of the Searcy Trucking operations team.



Adam McMartin, Company Driver and Saskatoon Yard Supervisor

Core Values: Spirit, Success

Adam McMartin

Adam was driving by the Husky Truck Centre near our Saskatoon yard when he observed a single Bison trailer sitting in the yard. Normally he sees trucks hooked to trailers there, but rarely does he see a lonely Bison trailer, especially with our yard being only a block away. Adam noted the trailer number, checking and discovering that our system showed that it had arrived in PURCAL over a month earlier. According to our records, it never should have been in SK. It also had a large padlock on the rear door. Adam received permission from Dispatch to return the trailer to our secured Bison yard, pin-locking it upon arrival. He then attempted to contact ABL to see if they knew anything about the trailer. ABL advised Adam that they had the trailer listed as missing, and that they would investigate and get back to him. While waiting for ABL to follow up, Adam noticed a third-party driver tailgating a Bison truck to gain access into our yard. Adam approached him and was told he was looking for the trailer in question. Adam asked him for his BOLs as well as asked him to open the trailer door so he could confirm the freight matched his bills. The driver was to deliver to a customer in Saskatoon soon. Adam relayed this info to ABL, and ABL confirmed that all was in fact OK and that Adam could release the trailer to this driver. Adam removed the pin-lock and allowed the driver to leave. The driver was also spoken to about tailgating into our yard and not reporting to our security company as per posted signage. Adam's keen observations, company dedication, and efforts are very much appreciated in locating a trailer thought to be missing.


Francis Matthews, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service


Francis was on his way to Winnipeg from Dorval, when he saw a young lady who had been involved in an accident. He stopped by to assist the young lady, and called and waited with her for her parents to arrive to the scene of the incident before continuing on his trip.



Congratulations to all of our March “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Ulric Blatter, Company Driver
  • Neill Dowson, Company Driver
  • Morris Velasquez, LTL Coordinator
  • Edward Kenny, Company Driver
  • Ajay Muhaar, LTL Coordinator
  • Joshua Handspiker, Warehouse LTL Coordinator
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver
  • Arshdeep Singh Sekhon, Owner-Operator
  • Francis Matthews, Company Driver

February Charging Ahead Finalists

Bruno Filipe Da Costa Raposo, Lease Operator 

Core Values: Safety, Spirit


On Sunday, Feb. 21 near Scott, IA on HWY 80 West, Bruno was driving in less-than-ideal weather. He noticed that a vehicle that was attempting to overtake him in the left lane started to slide. Bruno slowed down to try to minimize the chance of collision. Unfortunately, as soon as the vehicle cleared his truck, the motorist lost control and rolled into the ditch. Bruno brought his truck safely to a stop on the shoulder, and rushed to help the woman in the car. Luckily, she was not injured. Bruno helped her get out of her vehicle, and immediately contacted emergency services to advise them of what happened and their location, so that they could make their way to the scene.

Congratulations to all of our February “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Jesse Cross, Analyst
  • Paul Nieuwendyk, Account Representative
  • Gurneen Parmar, Planner
  • Cindy Van Beek, Customer Service, Refrigerated Division
  • Caitlin Scheffel-Zhao, LTL Coordinator
  • Nikita Gruzdev, LTL Coordinator
  • Matthew David Koenig, Company Driver
  • Abhijeet Gill, Owner-Operator
  • Jeffrey W. Wiggins, Company Driver
  • Parminder Singh Grewal, Owner-Operator
  • Jag Singh, Cross Dock Operator
  • Murray Manuliak, Company Driver
  • Bruno Filipe Da Costa Raposo, Lease Operator
  • Ronalyn Sanvictores, Account Representative
  • Crystal-Ann Wells, Company Driver
  • Lisa Bjornson, Supervisor, Intermodal

January Charging Ahead Finalists

Travis Popoff, Mobile Technician

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Sustainability, Success

Travis P edAt 04:47 the Saskatoon yard personnel reported to our breakdown team that the reefer on a trailer-load of beer was not running, and required service as the box temperature was indicating 22F, already below freezing. Travis Popoff, our Saskatoon mobile technician, was not scheduled to begin working until 07:30, but had been copied in the email to the breakdown team. When he awoke at 05:30, he saw the email and discovered that the call for service had not been responded to yet. Travis recognized the necessary urgency and quickly responded, volunteering to come in early to address the situation of the trailer in distress. He was authorized to do so and attended immediately, succeeding in getting the reefer up and running again by 07:30. Shortly after Travis had volunteered to come in, the breakdown team confirmed it would have taken at least 2 hours before anyone else would have been able to tend to the unit. We would like to recognize that Travis was able to quickly grasp the gravity of this incident and are grateful that he quickly responded, even while off shift. He showed true Bison Spirit!

Sukhpal Brar, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

BRAS18edOn the evening of January 9, a Bison Driver team blew a steer tire in Ontario along Highway 17 (between Sault St. Marie and Wawa, about 80 km east of Wawa). They were at the end of a passing lane and had no cell service, and their satellite device also had no signal. All they could do was try to flag down a passerby for help. As luck would have it, another Bison Driver, Sukhpal Brar stopped and took down their information to relay to the Bison breakdown team. He also offered them food, water, a ride, and anything else he could do to help. As soon as he got to a cell-serviced area, he contacted Bison to get them help and get them going. The roads were not in the best condition that evening, and even though Sukhpal had his own schedule to worry about, he still did the right thing and stopped to help. Sukhpal went above and beyond expectations that night, and it was very much appreciated.

Jaspreet Singh, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

2019JAN_Annual Awards Dinner_JASPREET SINGH_SINJ37_Regina (90)edOn January 28, Jaspreet Singh was on his way back to Tompkins from Grenfell. Passing through Balgonie, he noticed a Canadian Army vehicle in the ditch on its side, driver-side down and passenger-side up. He parked his LCV unit along the shoulder to tend to the troops, calling for emergency crews along the way. Jaspreet showed true Bison Spirit!


Congratulations to all of our January “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Charles Carty, Company Driver
  • Daljit Singh Billen, Owner-Operator
  • Michael Elliot, Planner
  • Sabby Punny, Mobile Apprentice 1
  • Travis Popoff, Mobile Technician
  • Russell Turgeon, Company Driver
  • Darrell Wrishko, Company Driver
  • Marius Lovin, Company Driver
  • Sukhpal Brar, Company Driver
  • Jatinder Pannu, Owner-Operator
  • Roger Mansfield, Owner-Operator
  • Kelly Paul, Maintenance Equipment Planner
  • David Horky, Fleet Manager
  • Mohamed Abdulkader, Junior Logistics Analyst
  • Torey Willes, Trailer Technician Team Lead
  • Terry Mikolayenko, Tractor Technician
  • Brian Bell, Tractor Technician
  • Jaspreet Singh, Company Driver
  • Sukhdev Sran, Owner-Operator


December Charging Ahead Finalists

Ernst Menke, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 11.05.28 AM

We experienced a reefer breakdown at a customer’s location in San Diego on Christmas Day, and unfortunately the customer could not offload the trailer until Dec. 28. Following unsuccessful attempts to arrange service, we contacted Ernie, who was waiting for a reload at another location. Despite the frustrations of already having to wait in California for freight, Ernie agreed to bobtail to the trailer breakdown location to try and help us out. On arrival, he first had to wait for security to let him in, and then find the trailer in the depths of the customer’s yard, finding it parked very tightly between other trailers. Once finally hooked up and  fueled, the unit required priming, which can be a difficult and daunting task. Jeremy Gough, our Director of National Fleet Maintenance, participated over a Facetime video-call to talk Ernie through the steps. Ernie eventually was able to start the reefer, but additionally had to wait for the customer to return in order to re-secure the trailer at their facility. On top of saving us the costs of the service call, there is a strong likelihood that Ernie helped salvage the load which could have otherwise thawed. All of this was made a priority while he was trying to get a load out of California, a display of the definition of a team-first mentality! Thank you for your efforts, Ernie, they are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.

Congratulations to all of our December “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Anita Kandalgaonkar, Dispatch Specialist
  • Kuljinder Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Rahul Sehgal, Owner-Operator
  • Arthur Leichert, Company Driver
  • Harjit Singh, Company Driver
  • Harnoor Sidhu, Human Resource Advisor
  • Paul Chaves, Trailer Technician
  • Minder Sidhu, Owner-Operator
  • Khushvinder Choong, Owner-Operator
  • RichardCarr, Forklift Operator
  • Zyam Khan, Co-op Student
  • Kelly Pinette, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Taylor Shynkaruk, Trailer Apprentice 1
  • Jessica Jensen, Fleet Manager
  • Timothy McNeill, Company Driver
  • Greg Ingg, Trailer Technician Team Lead
  • Ernst Menke, Company Driver
  • Henri Girardin, Tractor Technician
  • Joshua Pries, Systems Analyst

November Charging Ahead Finalists

Chul Rae Cho, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit

CHOC02A Searcy Driver had fallen from their deck and sustained a serious arm injury in our Sherwood Park yard. The Searcy Driver was on the verge of being unconscious but managed to wave down Cliff (Chul) , who immediately called 911. Cliff remained on the phone while trying to apply first aid for the injured arm, which was bleeding. He also waved over an LCV Driver, Kevin Thornson, who was pulling into the yard for additional support, and together they stayed with the injured Searcy Driver until the ambulance arrived and the paramedics took over.


Kevin Thomson, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit

THOK01Upon arriving at the Sherwood Park yard, Kevin noticed Cliff (Chul) Rae Cho waving him over in order to help him deal with a Searcy Driver who had fallen and sustained a serious arm injury. Kevin saw that the Searcy Driver was bleeding heavily and in and out of consciousness. Cliff handed Kevin the phone as emergency services were on the line, and Kevin helped to maintain communications while both he and Cliff supported the injured Searcy Driver until the ambulance arrived.


Balwinder Kaler, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success

Balwinder Kaler 1 million mile squareBalwinder voluntarily assisted with moving equipment and helping to re-organize the Saskatoon yard after the worst snowstorm in over a decade left a significant portion of the yard inoperable. His efforts were paramount in allowing his colleagues access to/from the property, and in ensuring our customers could be serviced as necessary.



Merle Wickstrand, Company LCV Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service, Success

WICM01-1Merle voluntarily assisted with moving equipment and helping to re-organize the Saskatoon yard after the worst snowstorm in over a decade left a significant portion of the yard inoperable. His efforts were paramount in allowing his colleagues access to/from the property, and in ensuring our customers could be serviced as necessary.



George Van Caeyzeele, Company LCV Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Success

VANG04Following a series of heavy snowfalls as a result of winter storms in Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Maple Creek yard became very congested. Snow removal was regularly attempted, but as the week went on, ongoing snowfalls and high winds prevented successful clearing of the yard. The landlord contacted us and advised that many trailers were partially embedded into snowbanks, and wanted to give a special thanks to George for his efforts. He stated, “George is awesome as he was helping by moving trailers so we could clear out the yard. Give him a thumbs up from me." This is a great example of true Bison spirit displayed by George, all on his own time.


Gregory Johannson, Company Driver)

Core Values: Spirit, Service

JOHG01Upon his run being cancelled, Greg took time to move trailers around the Saskatoon yard to allow our contractor to remove snow from the LCV area. These efforts helped to ensure that our customers could be serviced as necessary.




Congratulations to all of our November “Way to Go!” recipients:
  • Prabhjot Singh Billing, Owner-Operator Driver
  • Chul Rae Cho, Company Driver
  • Kevin Thomson, Company Driver
  • Balwinder Kaler, Owner-Operator
  • Merle Wickstrand, Company Driver
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver
  • George Van Caeyzeele, Company Driver
  • Ashley Doherty, Fleet Manager
  • Keaton Romaniuk, Reefer Logistics Specialist
  • Ramandeep Singh, Logistics Coordinator
  • Maninderjit Johal, Senior Logistics Coordinator
  • Michael Karlicki, Company Driver
  • Alana Van der Leer, Fleet Manager
  • Christy Ortiz, Customer Service, Refrigerated Division
  • Jennie Thai, Customer Service Representative
  • Gregory Johannson, Company Driver

October Charging Ahead Finalists

John Mitchell, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety

MITJ01John was driving westbound on the 401 when traffic ahead of him began slowing and coming to a stop. Once stopped, he heard the sound of tires screeching and saw a vehicle jack-knifing behind him in his mirror, causing an accident. He exited his tractor and saw that a tractor-trailer had collided with another, as well as with a passenger vehicle. The tractor-trailer that collided with the stopped vehicles had half of its cab ripped apart and the driver was unconscious in his seat. Unable to open the driver’s door to check on the motorist, John climbed over part of the wreckage. Another driver on scene who was a nurse also came to assist. They were able to free the driver from the wreckage and helped support his neck and spine until emergency services arrived.

Mark Tricco, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit

TRIE01Bison Transport Inc. received a request from the sister of Carl Nolte, a past long-term Bison Driver. She advised that Carl had passed away and had 2 final requests; He wanted his ashes buried in the Toronto area, and he wanted to go on one final ride in a semi. Mark was approached to see if he was willing to transport Carl's ashes from Winnipeg to Mississauga, as Mark had worked with Carl for many years. Mark agreed to pick up Carl’s ashes from a funeral home in Winnipeg, and took them to Carl's family, meeting them at a truck stop just north of Toronto and spending some time with them. Carl's sister Evelyn wrote, “I want to commend Mark for taking such care of Carl on his journey. We were able to spend some quality time with Mark, which I was greatly appreciative of. He made time for Carl's family. Mark was an Angel in disguise.”

Trent Kutsak, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Success

KUTT01The Bison LCV Yard was quite congested with single trailers dropped by other drivers in the middle of the yard. Trent returned from his run and found room to squeeze in to break apart his own set. Trent then, at the end of his day and on his own time, without pay, took it upon himself to shunt away all the empty singles in the LCV middle area in order to clean up the yard for other drivers. We sincerely appreciate Trent doing this and making things a little easier for everyone in Regina. Thanks, Trent!


Tony Copp, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

COPT01Tony witnessed another driver fall out of the back of a trailer. He immediately called 911 and administered first aid, all while keeping the other driver still and calm until the paramedics arrived. As Tony was the only person who had seen the incident, he was paramount in getting care for the driver.




Paul Jones, Instructor

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

JONPAOn October 26, 2020, a Driver was identified as being in distress in the Calgary yard. Paul attended to the situation by calling 911 and providing CPR.




Carrin Cabral, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

SKUC01-1On October 16, Carrin was communicating with an individual who was in serious distress. Carrin was able to get the information required to help them (where they were and what was going on) so that emergency services could be called. She stayed  in contact with them until paramedics arrived and were able to get them safely to the hospital. Carrin's concern and compassion may have helped save someone's life that day.


Congratulations to all of our October “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • John Mitchell, Company Driver
  • Emmanuel Dechagaim Company Driver
  • Mark Tricco, Owner-Operator
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver
  • Matt Geib, Company Driver
  • Douglas Kuhn, Company Driver
  • Jasbir Singh Jaswal, Owner-Operator
  • Trent Kutsak, Company Driver
  • Jenn Ditchfield, Office Admin/Store
  • Tony Copp, Company Driver
  • Gurpiar Sangha, Customer Service Assistant
  • Paul Jones, Instructor
  • Carrin Cabral, Company Driver

September Charging Ahead Finalists

Nigel Dillon, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service, Sustainability

2020JAN_Awards Dinner_Portraits_NIGEL DILLON_Edmonton (17) sqAround 22:00 on September 9, Nigel entered the main Edmonton yard and noticed a vehicle follow him in through the gate. He watched as the vehicle and two occupants drove around, looking at trailers. Nigel went over to them and asked if they worked for Bison. They claimed they did not but their friend does, and they were looking for a trailer for him. Nigel was suspicious and asked them to leave, escorting them out of the yard and notifying dispatch. Nigel’s observations and actions possibly prevented theft from our yard. Thank you, Nigel, for going above and beyond for Bison.


Jatinder Cheema, Company Driver

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

CHEJ05_JATINDER CHEEMAJatinder stopped to assist a third-party who had struck a moose on Hwy. 502, near Langstaff Lake. Being in an area with no cell service, Jatinder used his satellite to quickly advise of the situation and request for OPP to be contacted. His actions show Bison spirit, as well as willingness to help in a tough situation.


Congratulations to all of our September “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Kapish Sakhuja, Account Manager
  • Brittany Sinclair, Team Lead, Planning
  • Brendan Harper, Shop Supervisor
  • Nic Winko, Night Operations
  • Aryan Bansal, Business Analyst
  • Nigel Dillon, Owner-Operator
  • Lisa Stimpson, Day Porter
  • Jatinder Cheema, Company Driver
  • Rose Aujla, Fleet Manager
  • Katie Baldo, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Michael Fair, Company Driver
  • Kirby Currie, Dock Coordinator
  • Jory Johnson, Forklift Operator
  • Jackson Cameron, LTL Operations Support
  • Inza Bazzarelli, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Bruce Thiessen, Shunt Coordinator
  • Simon Akiki, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Jagdeep Barn, Company Driver

August Charging Ahead Finalists

Mariusz Tyszuk, Lease Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

TYSM01On August 11 at 8:45am, Mario saw a car driving at a high rate of speed along the left shoulder on Hwy 694 in Minneapolis, MN. The driver of the vehicle hit a guard post and the car immediately burst into flames. Mario pulled off to the side and climbed out with his fire extinguisher in hand, using the entire canister to get the fire down to a controlled flame. Upon trying to pull the driver out of the burning vehicle, Mario noticed that the driver’s legs were pinned. He kept the driver calm until emergency crews arrived, about 10 minutes following the start of the incident.


Gurjeet Bal, Owner-Operator

Core Values: Spirit, Service

BALG02Gurjeet came across a motorist who had broken down. Rather than leaving her stranded, Gurjeet assisted the woman by using his tractor to boost her vehicle. A submission was sent in by a member of the public, via Facebook, to show appreciation and ensure that his selfless efforts went recognized.




Bruno Filipe Da Costa Raposo, Lease Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit

DACB01A call was received from a Sheriff from Amarillo, TX complimenting Bruno on his quick thinking. While driving down the highway, Bruno spotted someone in mental distress about to jump from a bridge onto the roadway below. He used his tractor and trailer at the first opportunity to block off the highway and halt traffic while authorities made their way to the scene. Bruno spoke with the man while the police department made their way over to ensure that the person in question was safe from self-harm and harming others. The Sheriff stated that Bruno definitely saved the man’s life.


David Horky, Fleet Manager

Core Values: Spirit, Success

HORDAOn Saturday August 22, a truck share Driver in Mississauga called Dispatch to advise that his truck had not been cleaned out as part of the program guidelines, and he would not be proceeding. David caught wind of this situation and drove into the terminal to clean and disinfect the truck himself. This is a clear demonstration of David's commitment to success, and he is a true ambassador of Bison Transport. Thank you, David, for putting your Drivers first and being a true team player.



Congratulations to all of our August “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Lisa Stimpson, Day Porter
  • Todd Laframboise, Cross Dock Operator
  • Rikki Lofranco, Trailer Technician
  • Mariusz Tyszuk, Lease Operator
  • Michael Vistan, LTL Customer Service Assistant
  • Jofe Pineda, LTL Customer Service Team Lead
  • Gregory Vandal, Company Driver
  • Mandeep Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Greg Ing, Trailer Technician Team Lead
  • Gurjeet Bal, Owner-Operator
  • Jeff Figueroa, Fleet Manager
  • Bruno Filipe Da Costa Raposo, Lease Operator
  • David Horky, Fleet Manager


July Charging Ahead Finalists

Shawn Faulkner, Tractor Technician Team Lead

Core Values: Spirit, Service

FAUSFollowing his shift on June 30, Shawn drove down to Freightliner, well-past his house, to collect and bring back a must-needed part for the Edmonton Shop. Knowing that the following day was a long-weekend and all businesses would be closed, Shawn’s initiative helped to ensure that the Shop could continue making the necessary repairs to our equipment and his fellow colleagues on the road.



James Kerr, Company Driver

Core Values: Spirit, Service

KERJ02Jim was planned from Saskatoon to Winnipeg. His set was in the yard and ready to depart when another Driver who had just left Saskatoon began to experience tractor issues. The other Driver was advised to turn around and come back as the truck would need to be booked into the dealership, and he would need to get into a different unit. The Driver in the problematic unit didn’t have the time to get it to Freightliner due to the tight nature of his load, so Jim waited in Saskatoon for the Driver to arrive, to take the truck over. This delayed Jim’s return home for his days off, but also made it possible to service a multi-drop Walmart load on time and get the truck into the shop for timely repairs.

Stephen Klassen, Lease Operator

Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service

KLAS01While on the I-25 between Wyoming and Colorado, Stephen saw the truck in front of him get blown over due to heavy winds. Acting swiftly, Stephen pulled over and called for emergency crews and then tended to the driver of the other vehicle until first responders arrived. Stephen then departed the scene and continued on his way.


Congratulations to all of our July “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Paramjeet Bhangu, Owner-Operator
  • Shawn Faulkner, Tractor Technician Team Lead
  • James Kerr, Company Driver
  • Raylene Huisman, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Sheldon Rajaram, Night Operations
  • Duayne Kelly, Safety Counselor
  • Tom Baranowski, Night Operations
  • Stephen Klassen, Lease Operator
  • Bryan Kroeker, Tractor Technician
  • Ruslan Yatsun, Owner-Operator
  • Monica Gorowski-Brown, Information Processing Team Member
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver
  • Ryan Mark, Owner-Operator
  • Alen Dela Pena, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Dennis Pratt, Mobile Technician
  • Oleksandr Tyshchenko, Owner-Operator
  • Darrin Ward, Company Driver
  • Harpreet Kalsi, Owner-Operator
  • Dawn James, Implementation Specialist
  • Pankaj Rana, Owner-Operator
  • Gurjeet Bal, Owner-Operator

June Charging Ahead Finalist

Angela Skinner, Company Driver
Core Values: Spirit

SKIA01_Angela_SkinnerAngela was on a reset at the Mississauga terminal on a hot summer day and overheard the staff talking about the ice cream truck. She took it upon herself to go to the corner store and grab a whole bunch of cold treats. She visited (at a distance) the staff in the office and shop, as well as the Drivers in the lounge, to share a tasty treat and a smile. The mood in the office was immediately elevated. It was such a sweet act of kindness in a time of so much uncertainty that she deserves to be recognized.


Congratulations to all of our June “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Jason Marsh, Turnpike Planner
  • Allan Javier, Fleet Dispatcher
  • Angela Skinner, Company Driver
  • Mark Blauvelt, Tractor Technician
  • Sandra Dobbs, Customer Service Specialist
  • Sarbdeep Randhawa, Company Driver
  • Gurneen Parmar, City Fleet Dispatcher
  • Andrew Adkins, Company Driver
  • Cliff Hogg, Owner-Operator
  • Bruno Filipe Da Costa Raposo, Lease Operator
  • Braedyn Fernandes, Business Analyst, Process Engineering
  • Allison Janzen, Business Analyst
  • Chantal Lorenzen, Operations Implementation Specialist
  • Adam McMartin, Company Driver

March Charging Ahead Finalist

Anna Wallis, Planner 
Core Values: Service, Sustainability, Success

WALADue to a wind storm, the Langley terminal lost all power. Anna was reading through her emails while on her day off about this issue, and reached out to let the Weekend Supervisor know she could jump in to help as she was set up to work from home. Anna assisted the team even though this was her regular day off. A true and prime example of #OneBison, offering a lending hand at the most crucial of times.



Raj Kavanur, Night Operations 
Core Values: Spirit, Service, Sustainability, Success

KAVRRaj is a Bison Dispatcher as well as part-time Driver on Fleet W01. During his shift, he became aware that a Costco load was not covered, and would not make on-time delivery to the customer given the power available. Raj worked through his office shift, following which he delivered the load himself to ensure that the customer was not let down. He showed a great sense of spirit and service to both Bison as a company as well as our customer.


April Charging Ahead Finalist

Eric Roberts, Trailer Technician 
Core Value: Spirit

Eric RobertsFollowing his regular scheduled shift in the Winnipeg Shop, Eric went home. It was made apparent that a couple of technicians had called in sick, leaving the team strained. Eric stepped up and volunteered his time to come in to complete a safety on a trailer as well as an emergency dolly leg repair, which ultimately helped get our Drivers on the road and to our customers on time. Eric put the company first and showed true Bison spirit in a time of dire need.


May Charging Ahead Finalist

Matthew Marchand, Company Driver
Core Values: Safety, Spirit

MARM06Matthew was finishing a reset in Mesquite, NV when he noticed a small shrub fire across the street. He saw that the homeowner was having a nap in a lawn chair, unaware of the smoke and flames building. Matt called the local fire department to report the incident before making the decision to utilize one of his on-board fire extinguishers to battling the blaze. Matthew showed true bravery in the face of fire (no pun intended), stepping up to assist a person in need.


Congratulations to all of our March, April, & May “Way to Go!” recipients:

  • Kevin McCready, Fleet Manager
  • Chantal Lorenzen, Operations Implementation Specialist
  • Renata Augustyn, Equipment Coordinator
  • Alicia Depue,City Fleet Generalist
  • Sandra Dobbs, Customer Service Specialist
  • Andrew Silva, General Mills Account Representative
  • Charmy Gandhi, Web Developer
  • Mogos Solomon, Owner-Operator
  • J.J. Johnson, Custodial Engineer
  • Rodney Birdsbill, Instructor
  • Rob Mellor, Instructor
  • Nathalie Park, Customer Service Assistant
  • Jofe Pineda, LTL Customer Service Representative
  • Eddy Santos, LTL Customer Service Assistant
  • Anna Wallis, Planner
  • Chris Dow, Company Driver
  • Stuart Tulloch, Company Driver
  • Varundeep Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Raj Kavanur, Night Operations
  • Aurelia Stass, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Raylene Huisman, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Sharon Ebanks, Company Driver
  • Darren Ebanks, Company Driver
  • Craig Weeks, CSR U.S. Region Planner
  • Eric Roberts, Trailer Technician
  • William Smith, Systems Help Desk Support
  • Varundeep Singh, Owner-Operator
  • Katie Baldo, Maintenance Coordinator
  • Timour Mustamandy, Company Driver
  • Randyne Astra, Driver Services Representative
  • Alex Sferelli, Driver Services Representative
  • Angela Armstrong, Maintenance Administrative Assistant
  • Evan Jones, City Dispatcher
  • Matthew Marchand, Company Driver
  • Jordan Cairns, Customs Administrator

December, January and February Finalists

Evan Jones, Fleet Dispatcher 
Core Values: Service, Success

JONEIt was discovered that an order of pallets had not been loaded on a trailer planned for Calgary. A Driver was planned to leave with the trailer for Calgary but since the load was not completed, Evan decided to take matters into his own hands. Evan was scheduled to go home for the day but instead he decided that since he is forklift certified, he would stay to load the trailer himself so that the Driver would be able to depart without experiencing a major delay. We appreciate that he decided to address the issue on his own and load the trailer, which is not an expectation of him as a Fleet Dispatcher.

Carrin Cabral, Company Driver
Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service, Success

SKUC01Carrin arrived at the customer location to pick up her load and the trailer had a wiring issue. While waiting for a decision from Dispatch as to what to do, she noticed a small flame under the trailer. She proceeded to separate her tractor unit from the trailer and grab her extinguisher to put the fire out. She then moved the trailer to a safe location. It was discovered there was a short in the electrical wiring harness. Carrin ended up staying overnight to wait for shipping to arrive to transfer the load. Not only did she wait, she was still able to deliver on time on a hot-two-stopper load to California. The customer said she was nothing short of extremely professional with a great attitude. “I would like to say that the Driver was excellent all through the whole process, including waiting for the paperwork.”


Maninder Manj, City Fleet Generalist
Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service, Success

MANMA Calgary City Driver was stuck on 84th Street as his trailer came off the fifth wheel and was sitting on its tires. Due to all the traffic in the morning and extreme cold, he was having a really hard time trying to get it hooked up. Maninder was coming to work at that time and saw the Driver struggling with his trailer. Maninder was helpful and showed dedication by assisting the Driver in -30 degrees Celsius temperatures. He made sure the Driver and himself were safe by stopping the traffic while they hooked the trailer onto the tractor. Maninder showed exceptional efforts that promote Bison’s Core Values. 


Merle Wickstrand, Company Driver
Core Values: Safety, Spirit, Service

WICM01Merle went out of his way to help another LCV Driver that had a driveline snap and fall off. The short line punctured the A-box reefer fuel tank. He dropped his set at the Brandon yard and picked up the stranded LCV Driver and LCV set on Highway 110. He broke the set apart and returned the damaged reefer to the customer to be cross docked. This saved the company a costly damaged load claim. Merle returned to the scene to retrieve the B-box and converter, bringing them back to our Brandon Yard, then on to Winnipeg with the stranded Driver. During the entire process, Merle insisted on doing all the hook and splits himself to ensure all procedures were maintained and nothing was overlooked. He did all this with an amazing attitude.


Geoff Chadwick, Company Driver
Core Values: Spirit, Success

CHAG01At the beginning of February, a Bison Owner-Operator was in an accident just south of Penticton. Geoff was asked to pick up the Driver from the Penticton hospital on the way back to Kelowna. Geoff helped his fellow Driver by using his personal vehicle to drop the Owner-Operator off at the hotel in Kelowna and also lent him $100 since his wallet was still in the truck involved in the accident.

Shane Coulthurst, Equipment Co-ordinator
Core Values: Safety, Service, Success

COUSThe Accidents and Claims Department reported one of our leased trailers as stolen. The trailer in question was supposed to be returned to Bison in November, 2019 and sadly, it went missing. Over the next couple of months, an investigation took place and by February 2020, it was decided that Bison would need to pay the trailer owner for the loss of their equipment. Shane did one last search and took it upon himself to physically check one of our customer’s sites on his off-day and found the missing trailer in their yard. This act saved the company over $30,000 in insurance settlement costs.


Congratulations to all our December, January and February 2019-2020 “Way to Go!” Recipients:

  • SIMON WATERS Company Driver
  • BRENT LEIER Company Driver
  • CLIFF HOGG Owner-Operator
  • DARRELL WRISHKO Company Driver
  • DOMINIC VIENNEAU Company Driver
  • PATTI VIENNEAU Company Driver
  • DONALD ANDERSON Company Driver
  • EVAN JONES Fleet Dispatcher
  • GURSHARAN GHUMAN Owner-Operator
  • JAGMOHAN SINGH BRAR Company Driver
  • MARC DESLAURIERS Weekend Supervisor
  • MAUREEN FALLOON Payroll Specialist
  • PANKAJ SHARMA Fleet Dispatcher
  • SHOANE FARKAS Mobile Technician
  • TED MASSINA Company Driver
  • TEJPAL BHULLAR Owner-Operator
  • PAM BROWN Planner
  • SCOTT BUSS Company Driver
  • MANINDER MANJ City Dispatcher
  • DANIEL FUNK Shop Co-ordinator
  • TARLOK SINGH Trailer Apprentice
  • MARELITO BORBON Company Driver
  • PAIGE KLOSE Maintenance Co-ordinator
  • LAUREL SARAUER Executive Assistant/ Sales Support Specialist
  • DARLENE JOHNSTON Supervisor, Accounts Payable
  • GILBERT HERMANY Company Driver
  • ANKIT GROVER Fleet Dispatcher
  • CARRIN CABRAL Company Driver
  • TOPE IJILUSI Document Control Co-ordinator
  • MERLE WICKSTRAND Company Driver
  • IAN REID Company Driver
  • SAYED AHMED RAZA City Planner
  • ARTHUR LEICHERT Company Driver
  • CHUCK CARTY Company Driver
  • MICHAEL KARLICKI Company Driver
  • VIK BRAR Night Operations
  • AHMED ALI Owner-Operator
  • JESSICA JENSEN Fleet Manager
  • GEOFF CHADWICK Company Driver
  • FROI JAVIER LTL Co-ordinator
  • NORMA KOSTROWSKI Fleet Dispatcher
  • MARK RATHWELL Fleet Dispatcher
  • HARRY BOPARAI Night Operations
  • SHANE COULTHURST Equipment Co-ordinator
  • VARUNDEEP SINGH Owner-Operator