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STRETCH IT OUT - New Ergonomic/Stretching Program

Posted by Janique Philippe, WCB/WSIB Return to Work Coordinator on Oct 14, 2020 1:22:15 PM

Bison Transport has enhanced our ergonomics program, developed to help reduce workplace injuries and promote overall wellness. The enhancements to the ergonomics program include a stretching component specifically created for our Bison team members. The program was split into three components to ensure Bison team members are made aware of stretches geared toward their own daily tasks.

Stretches for Professional Drivers: All of the stretches and exercises for Drivers were designed to be done in or near their truck. With no equipment necessary, these can be completed before and after the workday, or done at stops throughout the day. The stretches are geared towards increasing blood flow to areas of the body that become stagnant when driving for long periods (i.e.. the legs), and for areas of the body subject to specific repetitive movements (i.e. the neck).

Stretches for Office, Warehouse, and Shop Staff: These stretches were geared toward those working in the office, the shop, or the warehouse. All stretches in this group were specifically chosen to address common problem areas, including: the back, neck, and wrists/forearms. All these stretches and exercises can be completed at their desk, in their work areas, or in the break room. Staff can choose to stretch during their lunch break, while on the phone, or before and after their day.

Stretches for Remote Staff: Consideration was taken for the limited space remote workers may have at home, and these stretches can be completed with minimal space needed. These stretches were selected to target areas of the body that may have added stress placed on them from sitting most or all of the day. These stretches can be used when a quick break is needed, while on a phone conference call, or before and after their day.


Videos are available here or on The Herd under Training (https://herd.bisontransport.com/training/available_courses) beginning October 15, 2020. Documents have also been created with the full list of stretches and exercises, along with pictures and descriptions to help guide you through the stretching. The stretching documents can be found on Document Control (ID #5567 for office, shop, and warehouse; #5568 for remote office) and on The Herd under Driver Documents.

Don’t forget to watch the video that applies to you and snap a photo to enter to win a wellness pack! Head over to The Herd for more details on contest details and how to enter. The contest will run from October 15, 2020 through to October 31, 2020.

For any questions relating to the ergonomic program, contact Janique Philippe, WCB/WSIB Return to Work Coordinator at (204) 833-0239 or jphilippe@bisontransport.com.