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Returns Project

Posted by Allison Janzen on Sep 30, 2020 9:27:16 AM

In Corporate, Technology, People, Business

Last year it became evident that our current process for handling customer returns was causing financial losses due to unbilled work, damaged customer relationships, and spoiled product. Following this, several Operations team leaders came together to establish a solution.

After examining the current workflow, it was found that the main issues stemmed from a lack of communication between departments, as well as a lack of visibility to what was being returned and when. As a solution to these issues, we created a page on The Herd to help manage the customer returns. Along with the new Returns page, a new process was created as to how each department should use and update the Returns form.

With this new solution easily visible and fully functional on The Herd, we will be able to keep all Returns updates and documents in one place, which will allow anyone to check on the status of an active Return. Additionally, our new The Herd page will send notifications to users once they are able to move onto the next step in the process, enabling our teams to manage the work more efficiently.

We are currently in the roll-out phase of the project and are working on training all users who will need to use the Returns page. The Herd page will be rolling out in mid-October, along with the new process. We look forward to seeing a better experience for all users, as well as an increase in improved customer relationships.

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