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Product Purchases on Fuel Cards

Posted by Alexander Erwin, Corporate Services Administrator on Feb 24, 2021 3:10:44 PM

In Technology, Drivers, Fuel

Your fuel cards can do so much more than just let you buy diesel fuel – you can use them to purchase other approved products as well!

Fuel cards can be used to purchase jugs of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), windshield washer fluid, fuel additives, and scale tickets. Take full advantage of your fuel cards and minimize the amount of expenses you have to submit!

Your EFS card is welcome at the following fuel stations: Flying J (Canada & USA), Love’s, KwikTrip, TA-Petro and Irving 24, for both diesel fuel and the above approved items.

Your BVD card is welcome at Petro-Canada and any BVD-branded store, but the card can only be used for diesel fuel and scaling at Petro-Canada stations.

Your Husky card is welcome at any Husky or Esso station, for both diesel fuel and the above approved items. When using this card, always ensure that the station attendant enters it as a Husky card purchase, and not as a MasterCard purchase.