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Logistics Website Auto-Processing

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How our ABL division handled partner carrier load updates was a time-consuming manual process. ABL users were required to interrupt other work to check for any new updates. Furthermore, outside of regular work hours these updates were often neglected. As a result, ABL struggled to provide timely updates to our Bison customers.

Continuous Improvement launched a project with the goal of automatically processing these updates. The system works by analyzing the update provided by our partner carriers and determining if an ABL employee needs to review. If no review is necessary the update is automatically accepted into our system.

Logistics article

Shown in the image, we initially we started automatically processing border crossing updates. This led to roughly 150 updates per week being handled automatically. Later we created additional logic to automatically process pickup and delivery updates which led to a massive spike.

Since the middle of August 2020, we have been automatically processing nearly 1000 updates per week and saving roughly 20 hours per week for users across our ABL division. Meanwhile Bison customers are receiving faster updates for their freight being moved by our ABL division.