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Herd2Go App

Posted by Chantal Lorenzen, Operations Implementation Specialist on Feb 3, 2021 11:14:53 AM

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“I can remember way back to when,” Chantal Lorenzen says. “Driver communication was just a notepad, an 800 number, and a phone booth, or a phone at a table in a truck stop.”

Herd2Go - one chat at a time {download or update today}

Enhancing our mobile communications with the Bison Herd2Go app gives Drivers more clarity and freedom, with less downtime and frustration. Herd2Go offers real-time chats with dispatch team members, as well as up-to-the-minute load and asset information, document capture, training support, and more. It can often be difficult for Drivers and dispatch to communicate, and by adding the chat function to Herd2Go we have improved communication possibilities for both. Even when away from the truck, at home, on a break to stay fresh, getting a meal, waiting for their trucks to be loaded, or hanging around waiting for repairs, Drivers can now always get in touch with dispatch. Herd2Go is right on their phones. Instead of having to sit in their trucks waiting for a new load message, they can relax in a Driver’s lounge and grab a bite to eat.

Drivers can also use the “Dude where's my tractor” feature to find out where a tractor is parked, and Herd2Go also integrates weather alerts and radar; giving Drivers instant access to live, real-time inclement weather information. Another new tool Drivers will love is the enhanced Fuel Advice feature, which now includes parking spot data, restaurant and other amenities.

Thanks for continuing to use the Herd2Go high-quality image uploader for document scanning; together we are making a difference; together we are ONE BISON!