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Enter your unit number at the pump!

Posted by Alex Erwin on Jul 2, 2020 12:49:35 PM

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Filling up a reefer? Make sure you enter the trailer number at the pump! Filling up your truck? Enter your truck number! It is important that you always enter the unit number you are filling at the pump. Entering the right number helps the Fuel Department greatly.

If you must fill both your tractor and your trailer, please do this over two separate transactions (so that you can specify each individual unit number). Some fuel pumps may allow you fill both tractor and trailer with only one card swipe. Other pumps will require for you to swipe your card, enter your truck number, then fill it up. Then you would swipe again, but this time entering your trailer number (for the second and separate transaction).

Do not make any fraudulent fuel transactions. Bison has been auditing fuel transactions to identify any suspicious fills. Contract terminations have been issued for those who have been proven to be making fraudulent fuel transactions. Do the right thing - enter the right unit number at the pump!