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Employee Referral Program

Posted by Marci Peloquin, Senior HR Advisor on Nov 18, 2020 4:09:01 PM

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Employee referrals are a critical component of Bison Transport’s efforts to recruit the best potential employees. Referrals from our own employees are highly valued; they embody the spirit and culture of our company and know what type of people will work successfully in our organization.

Our successful employee referral program is part of Bison’s way of building highly effective teams and we encourage employees to select candidates who align with the company's core values and fit into our culture. In addition to the chance to work with a friend or former colleague, Bison offers a monetary bonus. In 2019, the Non-Driver payout was $17,500 and the Driver payout to Company and Owner-Operators was $221,500.

Opportunities for making referrals are all around us. Think of the players in your hockey or football pool. Think of the fantastic barista who serves you your morning coffee. Think of how many times you are asked, “How’s work going?” when you are out socializing with friends. All it takes is a name and contact number and our Recruitment team can take care of the rest.

Visit The Herd for more information or talk to one of our Recruiters in your local terminal.