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Posted by Mike Gomes, Vice-President Maintenance on Aug 26, 2021 9:31:36 AM

In Business

With the close of 4DX 7.0 at the end of June, we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions to this year’s campaign. Faced with the challenges that the pandemic presented our business, we were still able to run a very successful campaign, focusing on supporting our long-term strategic goal in becoming North America’s Leading Asset-Based Freight Solutions Partner. With a focus on People, Productivity and Growth, this year’s WAR WIG was different than past year’s in that each team focused on what they believed would have the biggest impact, and in turn we saw our largest campaign to date with over 75 teams.  Some of the biggest success stories include the Sales and Marketing team’s vertical-focused revenue generation, Marcy Mead’s SW123 generating $9.6 million dollars in extra revenue and Breanne Black’s SW122 adding a revenue savings of over $1 million. With other areas of focus such as process improvement and employee satisfaction and retention, these teams contributed to positive changes that will change the way we do business going forward.

One missing piece to the 4DX story this year was the big target or WAR WIG. We knew when we decided to align 4DX with our Hoshin Strategic objectives that we would lose that one target that all teams could rally around. Instead we decided to let teams focus on what was most important, most pressing in their respective areas of the business. Successes such as the highlights above came from every corner of the business. To track our overall success we used the eXecution Performance Score, XPS to report on the status of the campaign. I am happy to report that through all the hard work of the 75+ teams we achieved our target outcome of 3.8 out of a possible 4.0. With this many teams all working on the wildly important targets from across our entire business, this is an amazing outcome,


As we look forward to 4DX 8.0, we will soon begin with training sessions for both new and seasoned Leaders and Coaches with the goal of introducing and reiterating the principles of 4DX and learning how to properly apply the practices within your teams. Stay tuned for updates on our next campaign.

Once again, thank you to all involved in the success of 7.0!