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Posted by Mike Gomes, Vice-President Maintenance on Apr 6, 2021 8:18:55 AM

In Business

We have just passed the midway point of our latest 4DX campaign. Last fall we kicked off the campaign during a very challenging, very different year. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic our people rose to the challenge,  building out teams from every part of our business.

You may be wondering where or what our WAR WIG is, the overall target that all teams are working towards achieving. This is where our 4DX campaign differs this year. This year we asked every team to go after the most important thing in their day-to-day work, with a focus on People, Productivity and Growth in our business. We focused this campaign to support our long-term strategic goal as defined in our Hoshin program, to become North America’s Leading Asset Based Freight Solutions Partner. 4DX is a proven program and we are leveraging the strong outcomes to directly support our overall strategic plan.

With over 70 teams participating it’s been our largest 4DX campaign ever, and the most collaborative effort, with many cross-terminal teams. We are going after everything, including improving trailer utilization, reducing repair dwell time, and completing projects related to training, to name a few. Currently, 60% of our teams are meeting or exceeding their targets, multiple teams are maintaining an XPS score of 4.0, stretch goals are being added and first-time leaders are emerging as champions. Feedback from coaches speaks of impactful commitments and strong engagement levels. We are looking forward to a very strong run to the finish in June of this year. Take some time to review the scoreboards that are posted each week on the terminal TV screens and cheer on the teams as they work towards their goals.

Scoreboard published April 5, 2021

4DX_7_scoreboard_TV_APRIL 5