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Onto a New Chapter

Posted by Wes Smith, Sr. Business Analyst on Jun 4, 2020 11:10:38 AM

In Technology, Business

The migration of the whole Herd is complete. From installation, initial testing, secondary testing, countless program manipulations to training, the journey is nearly complete. Nearly the entire staff are trained, and up and running on a brand new program called TMW Operations.

TMW Operations is replacing 3 core applications to business that allow us to plan freight (Visual Dispatch), manage equipment (File Maintenance), and enter orders (Order Entry). TMW Operations will allow more efficient filtering and navigation, customizable layouts, and allows for easier integrations just to name a few. This lays a better foundation for future enhancements to our Transport Management System.

Moving from older applications to a brand new one comes with a learning curve. Staff are getting used to new processes, new views and new places to find similar information which naturally takes time. Change can be tough, but soon enough we’ll look back and realize the we have quickly become experts in TMW Operations just like we were with our old programs.

Through multiple stages of testing, we were able to bring in experts in many areas of the business to help test and shape the product that we rolled out. These staff members have become an invaluable supporting resource to their teams and have been able to accelerate the learning curve of the business. Their efforts have significantly reduced the impact of the migration to this new program. The TMW Operations project team would like to thank everyone for their contributions to making this happen during these unusual circumstances.