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Ergonomics 101

Posted by Nicole Sigvaldason, Human Resource Co-ordinator on Jul 21, 2020 9:57:23 AM

In Wellness, Culture, Community

A systematic ergonomics improvement process removes risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries and allows for improved human performance and productivity. If done well, an ergonomic improvement can be a key contributor to providing a better work experience a company’s employees, and should be looked at as a priority rather than an afterthought. Some benefits of ergonomics include: Increasing productivity, employee engagement, and creating a better safety culture.

*For office Employees* Follow this checklist to correctly position your computer monitor

  1. Place the monitor in a location that eliminates glare on the screen
  2. Place the monitor at a right angle or away from the windows and lights
  3. Place the monitor directly in front of you
  4. Place the top line of the screen at a slightly (0-30 degrees) below eye level
  5. Place the monitor at least an arm’s length away from you
  6. Place the monitor so you can clearly read the screen without bending your head, neck or truck forward or backwards.

To learn more about improving ergonomics in the workplace, visit: http://ergo-plus.com/office-ergonomics-position-computer-monitor/ to check out some of their pages including: Step-by-step lifting guides, benefits of ergonomics in the workplace, and how to improve work performance.

Resource: http://ergo-plus.com/workplace-ergonomics/