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2021 Pursuit of Excellence Awards Winners!

Posted by Marci Peloquin, Senior HR Advisor on Feb 16, 2022 3:19:04 PM

In Culture, Corporate, People, Business, Community

The Bison Transport Pursuit of Excellence Awards recognize the many outstanding people and their contributions from throughout the year. They are: Darren Cosentino S.T.A.R. Award, Driving Change Award, Helping Hands Award and the Driver of the Year Awards, and  including our Master Technician Award! These awards were presented in a Bison virtual event on February 9, 2022.

Watch Now! 

Darren Cosentino S.T.A.R. Award

POE WINNERS_Star_Sandra Dobbs_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Erin Main_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Sara Khan_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Scott Lakatos_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Ranjo Sanghera_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Ankit Grover_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Jeff Figueroa_TV-1POE WINNERS_Star_Travis Popoff_TV-1

Driving Change Award

POE WINNERS_Driving Change_Atif Virani_TV-1POE WINNERS_Driving Change_MX Team_TV-1

Helping Hands Award

POE WINNERS_Helping Hands_Justin Mallet_TV-1POE WINNERS_Helping Hands_Anna Wallis_TV-1POE WINNERS_Helping Hands_Sarah Wilson_TV-1

Driver of the Year Award

POE WINNERS_DOTY_Wade Mortenson_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Shavinder Brar_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Sukhpal Grewal_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Daljit Billen_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Jeffery Thiessen_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Trevor Yagelniski_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Mandeep Singh_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Brian Dodd_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Bobby Bahia_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Sodhi Singh Nanda_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Florin Peltea_TV-1POE WINNERS_DOTY_Christopher Millar_TV-1

Master Technician Award

First Place

Master Tech WINNERS_First Place_TV-1 (1)

Second Place

Master Tech WINNERS_Second Place_V-1 (2)

Third Place

Master Tech WINNERS_Third Place_TV-1 (3)

Congratulations to all the winners!