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VIDEO: It's Watching to Make Sure You Are

There is no escaping cameras. That is a fact of life nowadays. While some people feel cameras are an intrusion, we employ them for the safety for our drivers and other motorists. We tested the Guardian System cameras in 10 units, and based on that initial test, we are expanding the number of units over the next year.  

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Our Brand is Built on Safety

I always find the moments backstage prior to the announcement of the Truckload Carriers Association’s National Fleet Safety Awards quite amusing. They gather all of the fleet safety contest winners together prior to marching us on stage and while we await our time there’s always plenty of chatter.

This past March I once again found Bison Transport to be the topic of pre-awards banter. In previous years I heard a lot of “This is not fair… They must only count your US miles… Driving in Canada is easier… The judges must be Canadian… etc.” This year it was remarkably different. Fleets were almost expecting Bison to win. I heard a lot of comments like, “We are not as good as Bison yet, but we will be…Your people really do things right… We need to learn from you…” and my favourite… “Just call this the Bison Fleet Safety Award.” It made me think that we have finally made the leap from safety being our reputation to actually becoming our brand.

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