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Safe Driving Rewards Program Issues Over $27 Million To Drivers

As safety becomes increasingly prevalent in the transportation industry, safe driving rewards programs are becoming more and more common. With drivers looking for opportunities to increase their earnings, companies are offering significant financial rewards to drivers who have a proven track record of safety on the road.

As the industry leader in safety, Bison Transport's Safe Driving Rewards Program (SDRP) was one of the first of its kind and has proven to be one of the most successful rewards programs in the transportation space. Established in 2005, Bison's SDRP has issued over $27 million in financial rewards to its Drivers since its inception.


Roger has completed over 3.25 million consecutive safe driving miles.

"The Safe Driving Rewards Program gives us a monetary incentive to focus on safety, working our way up the bonus scale mile by mile, with a sense of pride," said Roger Maltman, a Bison Driver who is on pace to reach 3.5 million safe driving miles this year.

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Only Your People Can Take Your Organization from Good to Great!

We've updated this post from a previous version to reflect our 2017 Business Discussion Series. 

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LCV program expansion in Ontario is good news for Bison

The expansion to the LCV program in Ontario is good news for Bison Transport and the entire transportation industry.

At the end of January, the Province of Ontario announced that they were clearing the way for more Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs), eliminating the cap of 16 permits per carrier and only allowing 100 carriers in the program. New vehicle configurations and more highways on which the vehicles can travel have also been introduced.

From Bison’s perspective, the LCV expansion in Ontario is positive for Drivers, shippers, and the general motoring public.

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The Trump Effect on Trucking

I was in Boston, MA, during the recent U.S. election. As a Canadian, it was interesting to share such a cultural and political event with locals. On Wednesday morning, just hours after the polls closed, there was a lot of shock and despair but there were also many people who were relieved and excited to have a change in leadership. Regardless of which camp you see yourself in, new leadership in the White House is likely to create change.

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Wreaths Across Canada - A Parent/Child Trip to The National Military Cemetery in Ottawa

Bison Transport arranges for the purchase and transport of thousands of wreaths for the WAC ceremonies in Manitoba and Ottawa. 

Wreaths Across Canada (WAC) has an important mission: Remember - Honour - Teach. Each year on the first Sunday of December, WAC organizes the placing of wreaths of remembrance on the headstones of thousands of military veterans in military cemeteries across the country.

Bison Transport is a proud supporter of Wreaths Across Canada. Bison’s President, Rob Penner, got involved with the organization a few years ago, championing the inaugural Manitoba service at the Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. Since then, Bison has been arranging for the purchase and transport of wreaths that are placed on our fallen military personnel’s headstones.

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Both sides of the coin: Denis Wallin's mentorship story

At Bison Transport, we strive to empower our people in many ways. One of these ways is encouraging a culture of mentorship – in both a formal and informal capacity.  You've already read about Dave Fulawka, and how he engages in mentorship in a variety of ways, both at work and in his personal life. In the Bison Transporter's second installment on mentorship, Denis Wallin shares some thoughts about his time in Bison's Driver Finishing Program and how it inspired him to become an In-cab Instructor

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Bison teams 'bring it' for charity


Blazing Bison team members paddle their hearts out at the FMG Dragon Boat Festival
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Are YOU Ready to Rock?

The Four Disciplines of Execution campaign (4DX) allows our organization to come together and agree on a gap we see in the business, and then work together to close the gap.


4DX 3.0 kicks off in Winnipeg!

 While the first 4DX was about “more” (increasing revenue) and 4DX 2.0 focused on “better” (driving efficiencies), our third 4DX campaign and most ambitious yet, focuses on both “more” and “better”. 

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Blazin' Paddlers rep Bison Transport at the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Blazing Bison Dragon Boat team at the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Each year CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba join forces with FMG Dragon Boat for the Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival.

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'Cause we got a mighty convoy

Bison Transport Trucks at the 2015 World's Largest Truck Convoy

At Bison, we show our support and spirit for many different causes. Our participation in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy is a perfect example. For more than five years, Bison has participated in the Truck Convoy, and each year we partake, the number of Bison trucks involved grows. This year, there will be 30 Bison trucks in the Manitoba convoy!

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